Avv. Marco Brevi
L'avvocato Marco Brevi collabora con SGHS Law Firm in ambito di diritto civile, penale e internazionale.

Avv. Brevi specializes in civil and criminal law, assisting private clients, small and medium-sized enterprises, both in litigation and out-of-court matters.

He obtained his degree in Law from the University of Milan “Statale” in 2014, with a thesis in comparative public law titled “Comparison and the Principle of Self-Determination. A dialogue between the US Supreme Court and the Italian judiciary.” He has been collaborating with SGHS Law Firm since January 2017 and has been registered as a lawyer at the Bar Association of Bergamo since January 2018.

Over the years, he has expanded his knowledge by participating in English training courses such as “English for Law & International Transactions” and “Legal English for Companies.”

In 2018, he attended the Specialization Master’s program “International Law and Commerce” organized by “Il Sole 24 Ore,” focusing on topics related to international contracts, customs law, and intellectual property law.

In 2020, he further deepened his knowledge in preparing “Modello 231” (corporate compliance model) by attending the course “Modello 231 – operational guidelines for preparation.”
In civil matters, he provides non-litigation consultancy in international contract law and litigation assistance, with a focus on Real Estate and Condominium Law, Compensation for damages from road accidents and Extra-contractual Liability, inheritance law, and credit management and recovery proceedings (such as injunction requests, payment orders, and execution procedures).

He has also gained experience in family law, handling consensual and judicial separations and divorces, modifications of conditions, including the most recent negotiated procedure. He assists minors and parents in proceedings related to parental responsibility limitations and termination, including before the Juvenile Court, and in criminal proceedings for violation of family support obligations, as well as in family-related offenses.

In criminal law, Avv. Brevi, besides being listed in the roster of Court-appointed Defenders, provides legal and out-of-court assistance concerning the consequences of insolvency (bankruptcy and tax offenses, fiscal crimes, and receiving stolen goods).

Marco Brevi
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