Intellectual Property and Know How Protection

We are a law firm strongly focused on meeting the needs of businesses

We are a law firm strongly focused on the needs of businesses, providing daily support for all their legal requirements.
We offer comprehensive assistance to companies, covering all areas of business law, both at the national and international levels.

Intellectual Property and
Know How Protection

We actively handle all legal aspects related to entrepreneurial activities and the operation of companies, whether they are individual firms or corporations and organized groups. Our expertise includes dealing with relationships between economic operators and between them and their clients.

In the current historical moment, the value of a company increasingly relies on the protection of intangible assets.

We assist businesses in every aspect of protecting their intellectual property and assets that, even if not specifically covered by regulations, can still be safeguarded through policies, internal regulations, and established best practices.

Our firm has developed particular expertise in matters concerning the protection of intellectual property rights, such as:

  • Conducting prior art searches for trademark, patent, and industrial design registrations.
  • Providing extrajudicial advice, in collaboration with in-house creative departments or external marketing companies, regarding compliance with legal requirements for registration.
  • Handling the registration of trademarks at the national and community levels on behalf of client companies.
  • Managing opposition procedures to trademark registrations before competent Italian (Uibm) or European (Euipo) authorities, or in the judicial setting.


We are lawyers supporting businesses.

We approach our profession with transparency, competence, and empathy, with the priority of protecting companies from current and future legal risks through targeted consultancy.

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