Criminal business law

We are a law firm strongly focused on meeting the needs of businesses

We are a law firm strongly oriented towards the needs of businesses, providing daily support in all their legal requirements.
We are capable of offering comprehensive assistance to companies, covering all areas of business law, both at the national and international levels.

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In continuation of the services provided in the civil law domain, our firm, together with the professionals specializing in criminal law, assists companies in proceedings related to illicit conduct committed by the top management of commercial entities during the exercise of their functions.

SGHS Law Firm collabora con avvocati penalisti specializzati in diritto penale d'impresa. Contattaci or per una consulenza.

The impact of these proceedings on the company’s operations requires a thorough economic and financial analysis that is seamlessly integrated with the activities of compliance assistance.

The main types of cases involve:

  • Bankruptcy offenses
  • Tax offenses
  • Corporate criminal liability for workplace safety
  • Banking offenses
  • Proceedings related to hindrance of the authorities’ functions, false social communications, undue influence on the assembly
  • Administrative liability of companies under Legislative Decree 231/2001.


We are lawyers supporting businesses.

We approach our profession with transparency, competence, and empathy, with the priority of protecting companies from current and future legal risks through targeted consultancy.

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